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Laminate Flooring Store in Visalia, CA

Choose laminate flooring for all the looks and beauty of natural flooring products like wood and stone with even more durability and affordability. Laminate floors are resistant to scratches, stains, UV light, and dents. They’re appropriate for any space in the home, including moist or damp areas where solid hardwood is not recommended.



At Franey’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Visalia, CA, we’re your destination for better laminate flooring. With our inventory spanning top laminate flooring brands like Quick Step, Armstrong, Legante, and Mannington, make us your local one-stop-shop for all your renovation needs.


Laminate vs Hardwood

Laminate flooring, unlike hardwood and stone, features a special, layered construction. The top layer, which is called the wear layer, is super-strong, so it manages scratches, scuffs, and other surface blemishes. Underneath the wear layer is a decorative layer that includes a high-definition visual of wood and stone. This layer provides laminate with its natural and authentic appearance.



Laminate also has support layers, which are called core and base layers, providing dimensional stability. With these support layers, laminate planks will not expand, contract, or crack when exposed to moisture and heavy foot traffic.


Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?

Laminate floors will readily resist daily moisture, though the bulk of options aren’t truly waterproof. Standard laminate flooring is still sturdy enough for regular household accidents, provided you swiftly deal with accidents.

For rooms like the bathroom, our experts recommend a 100% waterproof laminate floor. Our very own Mirror Lake Performance Flooring is an example of flooring made to manage accidents of all sizes.


Laminate Flooring Installation

Our teams of ten full-time installers each have the skill and experience to guarantee proper installation of your laminate floor. Franey’s professional installers have done more than quality floor installations; they’ve built our reputation for service, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction throughout Visalia, CA and the Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Kern counties.


Our Laminate Flooring Selection


As members of the world’s leading flooring cooperative, Franey’s Carpet One offers the finest laminate flooring at the most competitive prices. To learn more about laminate flooring or to schedule an installation, we encourage you to call us today.


Learn More About Laminate



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Caring for Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is the ultimate option for easier living. Simply wipe away splashes and sweep up when you can: that’s all there is to it.