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Learn About Carpet Recycling


Franeys Carpet One Floor & Home is your local flooring retailer. We are a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, which means our community is very important to us. Being a part of this community also means partaking in community initiatives such as CARE. CARE stands for Carpet America Recovery Effort which is responsible for developing market based solutions for the recycling and reuse of post-consumer carpet. The mission of CARE is to advance market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of post-consumer carpet, encourage design for recyclability and meet meaningful goals as approved by the CARE Board of Directors.



Below are a few reasons why you should consider recycling your old carpet, and how you can prepare it. Our Franeys Carpet One Floor & Home warehouse is located at 525 N Liberty Street, Visalia where we accept your recycled carpets.



Recycling Hours: Mon- Fri 8am -12pm, 1pm – 3pm. Sat & Sun closed.
Phone: (559)-732-2700




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Why Recycle Carpet?

340 million pounds of carpet is buried in California landfills every year, and its stays there for centuries before breaking down. Recycling carpet saves natural resources, conserves landfill space, and reduces dependency on fossil fuels. Old carpet can be reused to make new materials including new carpet padding. Since 2010 when California passed a Carpet Stewardship law to increase carpet recycling, over 100 million pounds of carpet have been diverted from landfills and recycled.


Prepare Your Carpet for Recycling


Follow these simple steps to prepare your carpet for recycling: keep it dry, keep it debris free by removing tack strips, nails, trash and dirt, and prepare the carpet by cutting it into manageable sections, separate the carpet form the pad, roll the carpet, roll the carpet pad, and stack any carpet tiles. Once your recycled carpet is prepared, drop it off at our showroom location!




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