Premium stain resistance and appearance retention


STAINMASTER carpet Visalia, CA

Stain resistance is definitely one of the most popular features homeowners want in a carpet. And when it comes to stain resistance, STAINMASTER continues to be the biggest name. We at Franeys Carpet One have you covered with a wide selection of Bigelow STAINMASTER, which combines style and design with premium stain resistance.

STAINMASTER truly offers premium stain resistance and appearance retention in all settings. The carpets are made from type 6.6 nylon fibers, which are some of the strongest available. These fibers repel soils and other particles, and they also are resilient and strong against foot traffic. So, even if somebody runs on your new STAINMASTER carpet with dirty shoes, the carpet will be perfectly fine after a quick clean! STAINMASTER carpets also are treated with an exclusive stain protection. The stain protection, because it is bonded with heat, is permanent. You can rest easy knowing that nothing, not even deep steam cleanings, will affect the carpet’s ability to protect against stains. What do these exclusive features mean? They mean that no matter what, your new Bigelow STAINMASTER carpet will remain clean, strong, and protected!

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