Masland Carpet

Time-tested carpet that is perfect for residential settings

150 Years of Quality Carpet

Masland carpet Visalia, CA

Making the right carpet selection is often easier said than done. There are so many factors to consider, including price, performance, and comfort. With so much to consider, doesn't it make sense to rely on a manufacturer with years and years of experience providing quality carpets? We at Franeys Carpet One offer a selection from Masland Carpet, which has provided quality carpets for 150 years!

How has Masland maintained its excellence for a century and a half? Unlike many other carpet manufacturers, Masland controls all aspects of its manufacturing and distribution. This means that Masland can make sure that all of its carpets meet strict quality guidelines. In addition, Masland utilizes innovative technologies throughout its manufacturing process, so its carpets definitely perform better and last longer than average broadloom carpets.

Masland offers a wide selection of carpets, including nylon and wool carpets. Both carpet types offer reliable performance, so they will be able to stand up to spills, stains, and whatever else life throws their way. Plus, Masland’s nylon and wool carpets, and all Masland carpets for that matter, are stylish enough to accommodate any design setting you have in mind. So, whether you want a luxurious design or one that is simpler, there’s a quality Masland carpet that will certainly fit.

To learn more about Masland and to check out our Masland carpet selection, visit our Visalia, CA showroom today!