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We at Franeys Carpet One truly are your neighborhood experts when it comes to carpet. We offer only the industry's best brands, including Karastan. Karastan rugs and carpets have represented the pinnacle of the industry for over 80 years!

About Karastan

Karastan’s rise to popularity started in 1928 when it introduced its first rug. This rug, although it was manufactured by a machine, had the look, feel, and design of a manmade rug! Right away, Karastan was noted for its quality and performance, and for years it was the only brand to offer handmade quality with machine-made production. Karastan furthered its reputation in at the 1933 World’s Fair, as it shared with the world a massive rug that was easy to clean. Since then, Karastan has certainly been one of the first names to come to mind when considering a quality rug or carpet.

Currently, Karastan offers one of the industry’s best selections of carpets and rugs, and it continues to be synonymous with elegance. So, if you’re looking to add luxury and value to your home setting, be sure to choose Karastan.

Our Selection

As part of our carpet selection, we offer many different Karastan carpet styles. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

Timeless Renovation: Timeless Renovation carpets from Karastan feature a high-twist, flecked surface, so they look like Berber carpets. They are available in a variety of nature-inspired colors such as Pebble Path and Chestnut. We love Timeless Renovation because it is made from Karastan’s special Kashmere fibers. With these fibers, the carpet will feel as soft as real cashmere, but it maintains the strength and durability of a nylon carpet.

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Fashion Conscience: The Fashion Conscience collection of Karastan carpets features the same Kashmere construction, but it comes with a special Scotchgard treatment and advanced repel technology as well. As a result, Fashion Conscience carpets will resist almost all spills and stains, so they are suitable in homes with children and pets. In addition, Fashion Conscience offers tremendous design versatility, as there are 20 creamy colors from which to choose.

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Sassy Chic: With a brilliantly modern twist on shag, the casual sophistication of this soft Karastan Kashmere nylon is a popular choice. These carpets are available in 20 solid shades to suit every style and taste.

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