Warmth, beauty, and character

Choosing Hardwood

hardwood floors Visalia, CA

Take a look at the photo to the left, and you can clearly see why hardwood has grown so popular over the last few years. Hardwood possesses warmth, beauty, and a certain character that you simply cannot get with other types of flooring. There is, however, more to hardwood than simply its looks; it’s also practical as flooring.

The basis of hardwood floors is of course wood, which is naturally hard, strong, and workable. As a result, hardwood is extremely durable, and in most cases it can even last a lifetime with only minor maintenance. When finished, hardwood will not trap dust or other particles, so it avoids most scratches. It also is able to withstand significant foot traffic, so it is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. All of these benefits mean that hardwood does well to hold its value, which in turn increases a home’s resale value. 

Also, hardwood is one of the only types of flooring that is derived from natural resources. It is therefore sustainable and eco friendly, so you can feel good about protecting the environment every time you step foot on your new hardwood floor. And, since there are many different types of wood that occur naturally, there are various styles of hardwood floors available. Each style is unique, and each can be finished specifically to fit any design that you have in mind. 

The installation process can also make a huge difference in the outcome of your new flooring. Every one of our installers receives five years of on-the-job instruction before emerging as an expert. Our customers notice the difference, and they even request installers by name when they make future purchases! Likewise, our vendors appreciate the skill of our installers, who make their products look their best and last the longest.

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