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Carpet continues to be the most popular flooring options in homes and other residential settings because of its combination of style and softness. But, did you know that carpet is the most popular option in offices and a few other commercial settings as well? Choosing the right commercial carpet is the best way to add comfort and style to your commercial space.

As you can probably imagine, there are a few differences that set commercial carpet apart from residential carpet. Commercial carpet is usually stronger and more durable than residential carpet, and it often features permanent stain resistant technologies. All of this is important because commercial areas tend to have heavier foot traffic. In addition, commercial carpets are usually installed with strong backings to prevent crushing and matting. Some of the higher-end backings even offer moisture resistance.

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Our Commercial Carpet Selection

Today commercial carpet comes in both broadloom (12’ wide rolls) and carpet tiles (approx. 20” x 20”). While the carpet tile format tends to cost more initially, it more than pays for itself over time as repairs are simple and visually more acceptable. Carpet tile also allows you to pick up and move (or exchange) tiles that are in high traffic walk areas with other tiles that get less traffic, thus extending the life of your carpet.

There are multiple carpet fiber types found in commercial carpets, but nylon seems to be one of the most popular. Nylon fibers are extremely strong and resilient, and they also do well to hide soil. It’s therefore no surprise that nylon carpets tend to last a long time, even in areas with significant foot traffic.

To learn more about commercial carpet and about commercial flooring in general, be sure to visit Franeys Carpet One Floor & Home in Visalia, CA. We offer a variety of commercial carpets, including select styles from Mohawk and Shaw Contract.

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